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About CDizz



CDizz Features


CDizz Player Key features include:

  • Innovative Media Player with streamlined design.
  • CD recognition (via
  • MP3 ID3 Tag Support
  • Song Lyrics
  • Animated Karaoke (timing tool included) - Learn more
  • Animated Graphical Chords (timing tool included) - Learn more
  • Images & Slideshows (Slideshow timing tool included)
  • Trivia Pops - Synchronized with song (timing tool included) - Learn more
  • Smart Intro - plays user-selected track samples (timing tool included)
  • News, reviews etc.
  • Flash animations, games and applications
  • CD Credits
  • Skin can change for every track
  • Users can publish and share their creations
  • Voting and Rating system
  • A personal profile page including music collection items- Learn more
  • Mini player mode

See also: The full CDizz Candizz list.