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About CDizz




Candizzâ„¢  are different types of multimedia content that can be downloaded and displayed while playing music using the CDizz Player.

Users may submit their own Candizz with the help of the included special tools.


CDizz supports the following Candizz:

Candi   Description



  Lyrics of the song currently being played. (Alternative lyrics are also accepted. Write your own version of the lyrics and submit it.)




  Cover photos, background wallpapers, music-related Images and synchronized Slideshows.

Karaoke (Sing-a-long)

  Advanced Karaoke display with adjustable preferences, next line preview and even a jumping ball.

Video clips

  Videos related to your currently played music.


  Information and trivia boxes synchronized with song. Just like the ones you may have seen on TV.


  Latest news about the artists of your choice, directly to your CDizz software.


  For the guitar playing fans, CDizz can not only display the song chords while the song is played, but also graphically show the novice player how to play each chord.

Simple Animations

  CDizz offers cool animations you can enjoy while playing your CD. Some animations are even interactive with the CD content.


  Flash® Animations, games and apps. can be played in CDizz player.
Smart Intro   Browse through the playlist at the push of a button. Listen only to carefully selected segments of each track. It's the intro mode you always wanted.