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About CDizz



Labels and Artists

Music companies and artists can use CDizz to market their music-related or other products. While adding value to the music product you get powerful segmented post-sale marketing and online advertising capabilities. CDizz can help generating new revenues off music.

CDizz builds music-based social networks. Aside from receiving official, quality content, users can share content and interact with all other users who listen to the same music, get updates according to their personal music collection and publish their personal profile to the world.


Add Value to your Music

We offer adding value to your music products, making them more attractive to music consumers.


Give bonuses to your customers by giving free extra content to your product.


Raise the user involvement by encouraging shared user experience and user participation.


CDizz is a Low/No cost solution - no CD reproduction is needed to create a multimedia experience.



A Post Sales Marketing Platform

CDizz provides a unique post-sale marketing channel to music customers.

  • Create a direct dialogue with your customers
  • Promote new releases, concerts and other events
  • Use successful releases to promote new ones
  • Interconnectivity with your e-commerce sites
  • Integration with cellular content
  • Receive usage statistics


New Advertising Media

As more budgets are directed to online advertisement, CDizz offers:

  • Smart Ad Routing with Pinpoint Segmentation
  • Ad Allocation by CD, Artist, Genre etc.
  • Flexible Filtering Capabilities

Copyright owners of music titles may become CDizz Partners to enjoy a significant percentage of the advertisement profits.


For more information, please contact us at .