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CDizz Player Version History and Release Notes

2008-1-30 Version 0.99 Build 57

  • Improved login window
  • Timing tool can be dragged
  • Login window now automatically opens when you're not logged it (you can change this
    behavior in the preferences)
  • Improved performance when resizing window
  • Added preferences option to reduce Candi button movements
  • Program icon now compatible with vista
  • Bugfix: Removed error when clicking on the playlist pole image
  • Bugfix: Mute behavior for MP3 improved
  • Bugfix: Slideshow timing submission now works properly
  • Bugfix: Total remaining time for playlist not works in shuffle mode
  • Bugfix: Eliminated error messages on insufficient video codec
  • Other minor bug fixes

2007-9-20 Version 0.99 Build 42

  • Added support for audio file playback (MP3)
  • Program Menus simplified
  • Login window was revised and improved: Masked password, Retry on failed login.
  • Added support for audio file drag and drop
  • Added support for opening and saving playlist (M3U) files, including drag & drop
  • Error messages in display window now expire after 1 minute
  • Added splash screen
  • Candizz layering order can be controlled by dragging the Candizz Buttons on the left.
  • Program now remembers the Random / Repeat state
  • Program now opens maximized and not 800x600
  • When opening Candizz, a random suitable Candi is displayed
  • Right clicking on the Candizz buttons opens the selection menu
  • Video zoon is available by clicking on the video while playing
  • Performance was improved, added better resource distribution when playing flash-based Candizz
  • Bugfix: Manually ejecting a CD in Mini-player mode caused program error
  • Since this is an Alpha release, the help file is not updated to reflect all changes.

2007-1-30 Version 0.98 Build 64

  • Implemented button-grouping for inactive Candizz
  • CD-Specific Candizz' buttons now automatically float to the top of the button stack
  • Better handling of automatics Candizz selection of track changes
  • The slideshow timing now displays a thumbnail of each image
  • Added an option to enable to disable new version notifications.
  • Better support for backgrounds with non-default size
  • Added an optional slideshow effect - zoom images
  • Slideshow smoother movement effect
  • Candizz management now remembers the recent Candi selected
  • Karaoke colors adjusted to better suit changing backgrounds
  • Bugfix: Karaoke Cow animation caused an error when no karaoke was present for CD

2007-1-16 Version 0.98 Build 61

  • Added Swedish language interface
  • The preference window was split into two separate windows: General & Candizz for ease of use
  • Login is now available from within the player
  • Clicking the Submit button on the timing tool will now directly upload the timing data
  • Quote character can now be used and saved in track and Candizz names
  • Improved Karaoke ball behavior in right-to-left karaoke
  • Improved indication for downloadable plugins
  • Improved placement of different POPS skins
  • Bugfix: Language problems fixed when submitting timings via the timing tool
  • Bugfix: Track names and information are now saved locally for all CDs
  • Bugfix: Playlist pole no longer disappears when rapidly opening and closing the playlist
  • Bugfix: Inspired image handling on tracks without suitable images improved

2006-9-26 Version 0.98 Build 56

  • Fixed some bugs with the Candi buttons' animation behavior
  • Fixed a bug that caused the play list background to disappear occasionally

2006-9-26 Version 0.98 Build 55

  • Candi activation buttons now adapt their size to the available space
  • Added support for (official) graphic based lyrics
  • Added the option to set CDizz as default CD player via the preferences screen
  • "Always on top" is now available (and remembered) via the preferences screen
  • Bugfix: Karaoke now runs smoother for right-to-left languages
  • Bugfix: Pointer and Pops Skin Authoring is now simpler.

2006-9-8 Version 0.98 Build 51

  • Bugfix: Script error when first CD inserted was unrecognized
  • Bugfix: Error when opening preferences while computer has only 1 CDROM drive

2006-9-7 Version 0.98 Build 49

  • Greatly improved support for CD-Video playback. Added support for QT, MPG, AVI, WMV clips
  • Player startup time has been reduced
  • Player performance was greatly improved
  • Added an option to check for new version in the help menu
  • Karaoke Cow now has random animation when karaoke information is not present
  • Fixed a bug that caused saved preferences to be ignored in some cases
  • Mute and volume now has better effect on videos

2006-8-6 Version 0.98 Build 34

  • New interface for the preferences screen
  • Added notification for new version
  • Opening and closing screens modified a little
  • Fixed multi-language support bug in Mini-Player
  • Usage of Karaoke Matte BG now updates immediately without having to close and re-open karaoke
  • Generic track names are now displayed in the proper font when interface language is different than CD language
  • Installation over existing version now forces the installation language as default interface language

2006-7-9 Version 0.98 Build 26

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Chords from being displayed in some cases.
  • Added "Links" Candizz type that allows submitting relevant links to CD or track

2006-6-28 Version 0.98 Build 25

  • Fixed a bug that disabled a link from the "user info" screen to the registration page.
  • Added language support to 'My CD Collection'.
  • Fixed a bug in 'My CD Collection' that caused some CDs to be excluded from the collection.

2006-6-8 Version 0.98 Build 24

  • CDizz player now supports ads (without any 3rd party engine, ads will only be displayed when running CDizz in a non-intrusive way)
  • CDizz now supports multiple interface languages.
    Currently available languages are: English, Hebrew.
  • Most world languages can now be assigned to individual CD or Candizz
  • Window size is no longer limited to 800x600, but can be freely adjusted to match any screen size
  • Added an option for the player to "forget" user identification each time the program is run, for extra privacy. This limits some functions such as CD Collection, Authoring etc.
  • Hovering over the "open/close Candizz" button will rotate the buttons. Useful for cases where there are too many buttons to fix the screen.
  • Added right-to-left language support to relevant Candizz
  • Improved performance and response time
  • Full screen mode no longer changes the screen resolution
  • Added an option to update CD details