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About CDizz



What is CDizz?

CDizz is an innovative, free media player that upgrades any music file or CD into a rich multimedia experience.

How does it work?

Simply play your music files or CDs with the CDizz Player and watch various multimedia content related to your music.

  • Lyrics

  • Karaoke

  • Images

  • Flash Animations

  • Animated chords

  • Video Clips

  • Trivia Pops and more...

Enhancing music is just the beginning. By getting both official and user-generated content, you actually connect to a social network based on your taste in music - your musical network.


Musical Network

CDizz connects you with people who listen to the same music as you, and lets you:

  • Create a personal profile page with a list of your music collection

  • Upload your own contributions and share them with other people in your network

  • Receive CDizz Pointzz for every upload

  • Rate items


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