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CDizz Tutorials


CDizz Tutorials - Creating Trivia Pops

Trivia Pops are pop-up texts that appear while the song is being played. They usually contain useful and humorous information about the track.

1. Select a track.

2. Select "Pops Timing tool" from the "Tools" menu.


3. Click on Edit to enter the editing screen.


4. Type in the text for the selected track

   - Click "save" to save the text and return to main screen.

   (Click "cancel" to return to main screen without saving)


5. Click on "Timing" to enter Timing screen.


6. Click on the Set button to set a timestamp to a text line and move to the next.

   - Use the small yellow arrows to jump to previous or next text line.

(Recommended interval between two pops is 15 to 30 seconds)


7. When timing is complete, click on the save button to save timing and return to the main screen.

 (Click cancel to return to main screen without saving)


8. To test your timing and watch it with CDizz click on the Test button. 



9. To share your timing with others, click on Submit to open CDizz Submit pages on your default browser, and follow the instructions on the webpage.


10. Click on the close (X) button to close the tool and return to CDizz player.


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